The Eurovision 2018 Review: Day 42

Curses. If they’re going to affect anyone, it’s the host of the previous year’s Contest.

Except, Ukraine did so badly in 2017 that it wouldn’t be too tricky for them to beat last year’s score when they get to Lisbon.

And it’s even less of an arduous task when they have the rather appealing and marvellous Under the Ladder representing them this year.

Melovin is the Bowie-eyed performer with just enough shades of confidence to carry this one off with the cocky aplomb that’s required. Let’s face it, you’re never go into be the right person for this one if you sing like someone too nervous to test out the Christmas tree lights.

This has all the chutzpah that’s needed of a Eurovision song and staging, while delivering a perfectly competent bit of rocky-pop, Melovin isn’t afraid to seek out his piano at the top of a daunting staircase which becomes a not-so towering inferno about halfway up its height.

But nobody else is doing pop on such a grandiose scale this year. It has a hint of spectacle, a hefty injection of pomp and enough flames to have health and safety wafting their clipboards about in concerned fashion.

As the closer to semi-final two this is the last new song the public will see before the grand final. As has already been mentioned, there is nothing on this level in the line-up this year but it doesn’t quite stand out enough to have the bookies rethinking their sums. But it’s always good to know that a TV station isn’t afraid to look beyond the figure below the line in the year after they’ve hosted the Contest and still take a risk on sending something good.

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