The Eurovision 2018 Review: Day 41

Picking early means you get two bites of the cherry.

Jumping on the national finals train early means most people expect something better to come along a few more stops down the line. Then you get the chance to reemerge from the shadows in late March/early April with a tune that ends up with a more positive re-evaluation.

So if you just take a look at the song pulling in to Platform Three right now – and please ensure there’s enough headroom for that headgear – you’ll spy Whoops Dragovic’s tip for the Dark Horse of Eurovision 2018.

I watched the Swiss final. I saw Zibbz sing Stones in front of some light-up shapes and remember thinking I’d quite like them to win. Then a few months passed and the song re-entered my life via the official video which is approximately fifteen times longer than the song itself.

I loved it. Then I downloaded the 2018 Contest album from iTunes and listened to everything in order of the track listing. Every year it catches you out. Switzerland isn’t in the S’s as the track listing is done in the same way they do those little white stickers on car bumpers when you go abroad. So the Swiss are in the Cs for CH. Obviously.

So with it being early-ish on the first half of the album, it’s yet another chance to be surprised by Zibbz again. The friendly fire on your eardrums from something with a bit of bite to its beat and pleasing doses of passion to the performance. I found myself becoming a Zibbz fan at the eleventh hour. This didn’t necessitate trips to support groups or being glared at in the street but that’s probably because I haven’t told many people.

I just love it. It goes up and down in all the right places. Like the Alps. You genuinely feel that Zibbz love singing Stones and mean every act syllable of the thing while they’re belting it out. I’ll be honest, that anti-bullying message of this has never come screaming down the earbuds at me but if it’s there, I’m glad, there’s now wrong with a noble message.

Now we just have to wait for the goings-on of the coming week, when the two semi-finals will do their stuff and spit our 20 hopefuls with a shot at the trophy. It’s still not a given that Switzerland will be there on the Saturday night but Lisbon 2018 would be all the better for it. It’s time to reclaim Switzerland. Let’s own those Stones.


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