The Eurovision 2018 Review: Day 37

There’s always one song that passes you by. Every year. It’s only fair. You try juggling 43 balls and give them all the equal toss they deserve. It’s a tough ‘un.

I’m afraid this year that honour goes to Serbia.

You may remember a few posts back we did a podcast. Some friends of ours popped round to experience all of this year’s entries. No other song was skipped past quicker than the Serbian one.

But let’s be fair.

The whole point of this Contest is to showcase the differences which make your national music scene an attractive prospect to someone seeking a different sound. This one does that in spades. And if the song still isn’t your thing, at least you can be entertained by a band which looks like the mother of the bride trying to upstage the wedding while everyone else forgets to guide grandad to his proper seat in church.

There really is little else to say about Nova Deca. It won’t even fit into a stupid story about a time machine like San Marino did yesterday.

But it’s there in this year’s Contest. Just there. And in being there, it perfectly demonstrates just how broad a church this event has to be – and why we loves us some of it every May.

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