The Eurovision 2018 Review: Day 34

There was a time when the Romanian entry was eagerly awaited as the Kids from Bucharest genuinely seemed on the cusp of a win. Let Me Try and Tornero were oh-so-close back in 2005/6 and surely it wouldn’t be long before the Eurovision logo turned vertical stripes of red, blue and yellow for 12 months.

It just didn’t happen. The briefest of blips came in 2010 when Playing With Fire took bronze in Oslo but after that Romania just seemed to fade into the background.


I would love to sit here now and tell you that’s all going to change in 2018. But it’s not.

Goodbye by The Humans (what a ridiculous name for a band. It’s not as though we’d mistake them for vegetables. Or ironing boards) is perfectly pleasant. There’s a strident intention in the lead vocalist’s voice as the song gets underway but little of interest happens after that.

There is a touch of The American about this. An ’80s soft rock America but US nonetheless. It would be interesting to see The Humans not take themselves so seriously. There is so little fun on show here that it becomes a chore of before the two minute stage.

And please promise those people in masks aren’t following the band to Lisbon. They’re just creepy.

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