The Eurovision 2018 Review: Day 33

There must be something liberating about being the hosts. You’ve already proved your douze hoovering potential the year before. Now you get to show off your hosting abilities. So the song’s not all that important.

It means you can go a bit experimental, try connecting the chorus up to a different power supply and see what happens. Nobody at home is that bothered, they had their proud bit twelve months back. So that is partly the reason we have this as the hometown song this year.

Admittedly, the absolute favourite to win Festival Da Cancao was disqualified late in the day so it’s naive to suggest this was the under-the-radar preferred choice of Portuguese telly all along. What it does do is save the aforesaid station a heap of cash in hosting Eurovision 2019. Which is nice for them.

It’ll be an interesting experience for the viewers at home this year. Songs like this are too subtle to make it through the semi-final post 2004 and it’s not the type of stuff that host nations put out either. While trying to be polite and not detracting from the obvious musicality of this song – this feels like the most obvious toilet break of the evening once the hometown cheers have died down.

While putting together the graphic for this post, there was some head scratching as to whether Isaura, Claudia’s mate who hangs around at the back of the stage should get a mention. I decided not although it’s an admirably curious addition to proceedings, like a deconstructed version of Azerbaijan’s horse from last year.

With the best will in the world, with all due respect to our hosts, it’s not going to be another Portuguese Eurovision in 2019. This song, it’s delicate delivery and gossamer presence is so anti everything the Contest is all about that it’s not even worth rebelling by giving it a vote. Sorry Portugal. But you do make exceedingly good tarts, so obrigado for that.

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