The Eurovision 2018 Review: Day 29

Hang on, is that Magneto? Swooping down to save a naughty lady from a gang of Sackheads?

Of course not. It’s the promo video for the Montenegrin Eurovision entry. What else could it possibly be?

Montenegro must be an amazing place. Anywhere else in the world, singing a really boring ballad that sounds like scores of others which have preceded it gets you whithering glances and mental notes from passers-by to give your next album a miss. Not in Montenegro. Here, it gives you the power of flight, especially when you’ve got your fancy silver frock coat on. Are the rumours true? Is Montenegro really twinned with Wakanda?

Inje is not a fun song and turning it into the most Peter Greenaway version of the X-Men ever filmed can only distract us that from a moment. The fact this actually came through on top after a national final beggars belief (although I didn’t actually watch Montevizija so can’t say if the other contenders were any good with any sort of conviction).

What I can say is that Vanja’s song is practically interchangeable with Montenegro’s entries from 2014 and 2015. Thank heavens we had last year’s pop stomper for a bit of cheeky variety.

It does seem Vanja has some reliable pipe work down there and he’ll get through his three minutes in Lisbon without too much to worry about (apart from, well, actually getting through to the final, that inconsequential kinda thing that’s on a Eurovision singer’s mind).

Twenty-five years ago, something like this, stuffed with more unnecessary drama than a Dynasty box set, would have juries fawning over it until it got to about eighth place. These days, you’d need something a little more innovative to scale even that peak. But who gives a stuff when you can nip in and out of the clouds while belting one out?

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