The Eurovision 2018 Review: Day 28

I really should like this one. It’s poppy, it’s perky. Verging on the dayglo even.

The director of the video has even skilfully spliced between the sunny day at the beach and the miserable one the filming schedule allowed without losing the momentum the song requires (so well done there). Use was even made of a public cardphone which very obviously wasn’t working, so they’re getting even more bonus marks for improvisation.

So that shows how, once again, Whoops Dragovic will look for the positives wherever it can. Because the song itself can be summed up in two words. One is cheap. The other is irritating.

It’s understandable that Moldova is pulling out the stops to go a couple of places higher after finishing third – but this feels like someone pulling out the organ stops when really they should be plugging in their Casio synthesiser.

The creation of My Lucky Day clearly involved taking Poland’s 2005 entry, Moldova’s song from 2012, putting them both through pulse on the blender then squeezing it through the musical segment on The Two Ronnies before it drips into a Contest-ready vessel, pure 100% distilled… meh. It has that generic folksy beat, chanty chorus and annoyingly ‘nice’ sentiment that’s been clogging up the halfway point of the scoreboard for years.

But it’s not without hope.

There’s no denying the televoting allure of DoReDos. For so many people tuning in, this is what Eurovision is all about. A million millennia away from anything that’s in the charts but performed with (presumably) striking and zesty staging and enough enthusiasm to power ten jamborees.

It could easily do the last-minute hurdle Poland managed in 2016 after a lukewarm jury result (provided it makes the final). Talk about lucky.

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