The Eurovision 2018 Review: Day 26

I don’t really do national finals season anymore. I know this statement should immediately be followed with the hashtag badfan but there can only be so many Saturdays in January spent waiting for the live feed of heat 76 of a wildcard round to un-buffer on your laptop.

That was one of the reasons why the only song I know of the many, many, many contenders taking part in Lithuania is the one which made it over the finish line. And I really don’t mind about that – because I love it.

When We’re Old is one of those songs that is so far under the radar it could paddle through hostile waters, coated in fluorescent paint with a big sign on its head reading ‘I’m Not Supposed To Be Here’ and still get free passage to its destination.

It’s understatement is its beauty.

Ieva’s wish for a love that transcends the decades, to be just as strong when your partner’s hair matches the silver of yours is delivered with the delicate coyness of an angel in training. Admittedly, the same song could also be used to score an advert for a new savings account (with current interest rates, you’ll have earned about a fiver by the time we’re old) but it’s worth a better date than that.

This has the potential to provide a tingly moment or two if Ieva can pull the right performance out of the bag. Sometimes a song has to be acted as much as it’s sung and the plaintive quality that runs through the studio version has to be replicated under the arena lights for this to work.

The last time I had a strange regard for such an unfancied entry was Italy’s 2011 comeback. That ended up sneaking the silver but everyone makes a lucky guess at least once. I’m not expecting such big things for this one but a sneaky each-way isn’t out of the question either.

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