The Eurovision 2018 Review: Day 25

Ain’t it funny? Oh, it all started as a joke.

Not strictly true where Latvia is concerned. In 2000, this Baltic favourite burrowed through to the Eurovision stage, blinking excitedly under the Stockholm lights, wishing on its star and finishing third into the bargain. We’ll pretend 2001 didn’t happen and focus on the fact that victory went Riga’s way in only the third attempt.

Cyprus still hasn’t done this well after about twice as many goes so don’t ever listen to a Latvian called Laura when she tells you it all got under way badly. Eurovision wise, at least.

Instead, focus on Funny Girl, her entry into the 2018 competition. The purple patch Latvia trampled in 2015 and 2016 when they sort-of introduced proper grown-up dance music to Eurovision seems a faint glow on the heath now. That’s not to say they’ve suddenly become rubbish but there is such restraint involved in their song this year, a serious assault on the scoreboard seems unfathomable.

Funny Girl is OK. It’s not Love Injected but there is that dirty brass popping out for a peek between some lines which we really need to hear more of at Eurovision. So that’s one positive. There always is if you scrabble about.

Maybe it’s because Latvia has been spoiling us so much if late (just like 2001, 2017 doesn’t exist in Riga’s Contest history books either) that this actually-quite-classy number feels so ordinary. If this was San Marino’s song, we’d be ruminating on whether they had a village hall big enough to squeeze a camera crew in.

And before we leave Laura, we must confess to her not being all that funny either. She doesn’t even present us with any rice dish-based puns about her surname.

Please, Laura, get back here with some funny material quicksticks. It ain’t funny to finish this one without a joke.

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