The Eurovision 2018 Review: Day 20

Sometimes this competition can slip one past you. Nutmeg you even, like the cat who refuses to stay on the front step you’ve wrestled it onto so it stays out while you’re at work. Flitting through the gap between your legs, it heads for somewhere comfortable and intends to stay there.

There’s really nothing that feline about AWS but their song is looking surprisingly comfortable in this year’s line-up despite refusing to tick any of the Eurovision boxes (which, to be honest, is a sign of cat-like stubbornness).

There’s been a surprisingly warm welcome to Viszlát Nyár in FanLand. Finally, it seems, we’re grasping the idea that something with lashings of melody chucked liberally across its entire composition can be performed in visceral fashion.

Although it may not seem like it, this is no different to Sanne Nielsen’s I’m In Love or Jessica Andersson’s Party Voice. It’s just performed somewhere sweatier than a cosy arena in Linköping with minimal choreography and absolutely no restraint whatsoever. This is Att älska dig, albeit belted out on the wrong end of a bottle of gin when someone has seriously pissed you off. With a grinding guitar solo chucked in at the end too, but hopefully the point is clear by now.

Songs like this have been entered into Eurovision before, notably from Finland in the immediate post-Lordi years when they tried to recreate their winning moment with ever diminishing returns. Turkey fared a little better with songs like this and the Czech Republic’s more blatant foray into metal saw it score a single point on its debut year in 2007.

But there’s something about Viszlát Nyár which makes it more accessible than any of the tunes mentioned above. Go beyond the intro with an open mind and there’s a good chance you’ll thoroughly enjoy the three minute ride AWS is inviting us on.

Applying a healthy dose of realism, there’s a slim chance we’ll see Eurovision go to Budapest in 2019 but that’s not really the point. If you can’t win the Contest, then at least send something which is going to make people sit up and ignore their sherry for a few minutes. AWS will no doubt get a few more iTunes searches off the back of their appearance in Lisbon and sometimes that’s the sweetest victory a Eurovision act needs.

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