The Eurovision 2018 Review: Day 14

There was such excitement when this song first dropped from the ether, you can imagine my trepidation as I sought out the nearest clip for my virgin listen. I was about to be blown away by a potential winner of Eurovision 2018. Trembling fingers finally aligned the mouse cursor with the play button on the video clip and lo, it was clicked.

Three minutes later, it’s suffice to say there was a massive comedy question mark, possibly decked out in the colours of the Finnish flag, floating six inches above my head.

I just didn’t get it.

But lots of other people did.

The beauty here is that Saara Aalto brings a story with her to Lisbon. Like a loads better Eddie the Eagle, she was previously renowned for almost winning lots of things but never quite landing that final shot. She’s now got that monster off her back (ahem) by landing the Finnish Eurovision job unopposed.

So is her new-found lucky streak going to continue with an ace showing in Lisbon?

Possibly. There is a lot going on with Monsters. It’s skilfully put together with production that’s on the right side of 2018 and enough moments to lift the journey along on its way while not distracting from the homogenous whole.

It’s not Monsters, it’s me. However much I try to like it, to hum it, to sing along to it, I just find myself admiring the interior design of that big draughty house the video’s filmed in. This is the sort of behaviour you can safely file away under ‘Bad Fan’. I quite like the allusions to The Last Supper in the visuals though. Pity Saara can’t have 13 with her on stage in Portugal.

When this was staged in the Finnish national final, even the most ardent Monsters lovers had to raise an eyebrow or two over the staging (even three if they have a genetic gift they need to show off about more). Any sense of decadent intrigue captured by the promo director just wasn’t there for the live performance which seemed to begin with Saara stepping out of your nan’s shower and got less interesting from there in.

There’s nothing to say that a complete scenic overhaul won’t stop this advancing to Saturday night like Boris Karloff pushing Universal Studios’ finest scenery over in order to find his girlfriend with the funky Mallen streaks.

It may even come Top 10 in the final. Top five. Top three.

But I still won’t get it. Not completely.

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