The Eurovision 2018 Review: Day 11

Somewhere in the first 10 entries under the microscope, there was mention of the need for dirty brass (think it was Belgium). It’s now a little clearer why this was the case. Czech Republic has used up the entire filth quotient for this year in the first 90 seconds of Lie to Me.

It’s just lovely to hear the Czechs getting Eurovision so right after all this time. They made their first tentative, albeit stompy, steps into the world of Eurovision in 2007 and have never quite clicked with the rest of the line-up. But in sending this funk-infused pop nugget to Lisbon, they may finally be on to something.

Quite frankly, this is one of the best songs entered in to the 2018 Contest by some distance. Basically because it has everything you’d want from a bit of pop right now. A cocky little bugger delivering intelligent lyrics with a knowing wink and moments from the naughtiest corners of the dictionary.

Normally, that would be enough but Mikolas goes on to whip a cherry from somewhere cheeky in the shape of a superb jazz trumpet riff. It rattles with intent. If it never felt like the Czech Republic were interested in winning Eurovision before now, the desire to do so has been stamped across the road to Portugal with hob-nailed boots this year.

This is the fifth song out in the first semi-final, with the tamer horn section of Belgium on one side of it and the very different charms of Lithuania on the other. Watching all three together will be similar to seeing Dennis the Menace gatecrash a Portishead gig then being shushed away by Katie Melua. That probably helps all three entries and is a grand advertisement for why the producers decide the running order these days.

Barring a disastrous set of first rehearsals (always good to leave yourself a loophole), there is nothing here to suggest this won’t be in the Saturday night shake-up. Taking it further, in the first neck sticking-out moment of the year, this is definitely Top 10 material and I’m almost confident enough to plonk it straight into the top three.

I won’t lie to you (arf), this is merely a hunch. But when something which could seriously enhance the reputation of this competition in the harsh wastelands beyond the scoreboard crops up, it’s worth supporting with as much gusto as you can muster.

Swear down. No fibbin’.

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