The Eurovision 2018 Review: Day 02

Right, think I’m back in the swing of this now. It’s a long time since I’ve done one of these countdowns.

If my pilgrimage through life’s alphabet has taught me anything, it’s that the day after you write about Albania, it’s Armenia’s turn.

The road to Qami was a curious one. When the shortlist of Armenia’s hopefuls trickled through the wi-fi, there were at least two almost instantly anointed copper-bottomed top fivers in Lisbon. The song being sung in the video above was not one of them.

It’s easy to see why. The swell of national pride which saw this earnestly sung ballad in the native tongue through to Lisbon can be a powerful odds-shaker-upper during national final season which laughs in the face of fan polls.

Watching the official vid a few times there’s really not a lot in Qami to sink your teeth into, though it would be a right silly billy who bet against this qualifying.

Sevak spends a lot of it standing nobly in shafts of light while wearing one of those really long cardies you have to root through the knitwear racks for at TK Maxx. When a singer’s outerwear and the cinematographer (let’s build their part up)’s pleasing use of a teal hue on proceedings is what grabs your attention more than the song itself then it may be prudent to suggest the song is in trouble. Oh, that long shot with the pink island at the end of the video. That bit was quite nice too (I’m trying here…).

I’m reminded for some reason of only the second entry Armenia sent to Eurovision.

In 2007, a gentleman called Hayko was equally all-serious for the song Anytime You Need, performed in front of a tree that had loads of toilet roll dangling from it. It was more boring than a Last of the Summer Wine boxset but lo, how gracefully it gathered points as the voting went on that night in Helsinki. There was an audience for the song, clearly. Perhaps an audience who you wouldn’t want to spend a few hours discussing the merits of said song with (even the Summer Wine boxset would be a preferable option) but the point of this rather ramble paragraph is that a similar audience will find something charmy in Qami.

With that in mind, this is currently chalked up on the board next to the fridge as a qualifier. What lucky ducks we’ll be on May 12.

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