Yes, we can all hear that bubbling in Yerevan

Any Eurovision fan will tell you those post-Christmas blues are a load of old tosh. If anything, for us, January brings a succession of 7AMs on December 25 as the line-ups for each national final start trickling through the WiFi.

Here we are, just over halfway through the first month of the year and already the song for Albania is in the bag, Norway has revealed its longlist (including something from 2009 Eurovision champ Alexander Rybak we’ll come back to in a later post) – but it was something in the latest chunk of tunes unveiled by Armenia in the past 24 hours which has seen the first wah-wah twitching in the trophy antenna for 2018.

Asmik Shiroyan possesses the rather impressive lungs behind You & I. It couldn’t be more different to the French entry of the same name from 2012, or indeed the almost-the-same-named Dutch song in the same year. In fact, when listening to the tunes Armenia has sent to this competition since their 2006 debut, it’s an interesting curveball from the expected blend of ethnic sounds and EDM production.

If this does go on to be Armenia’s representative in Lisbon, it will (arguably) be the most Western-sounding song they’ve ever sent. While that’s not necessarily the best way to win this competition, there’s enough widespread appeal in this tune to give Armenian telly its first ever top three placing. Not jumping the gun of course. It is only January and there could be even shinier new prezzies under the tree tomorrow.

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